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European Soaps

Le Jardin Candle

Le Jardin Candle

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Pairs great with the corresponding hand soap for a beautiful housewarming gift. 

Le Jardin Soy Blend Candle Tin, 3.5 ounce

Lighting a candle can be a delightful ritual to signal the start or end of the day. Elevate your mood with the soothing ambience and diverse fragrances our soy blend candles from our Le Jardin collection.

Experience the superior benefits of our soy wax blend candles. Enjoy an even, extended burn time and heightened scent throw that delicately fills your space. Elevate the ambiance with our meticulously crafted scents and quality workmanship.

Crane Flower & Orange

Rhubarb & Lychee

Iris & Peppercorn

Lotus Flower & Anise

Kiwi & Waterlily


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